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Application Security

Top industry research shows that application weaknesses remain the most common external attack vector. Research also shows that approximately half of the data breaches could be traced back to attack against web applications.

Increased cyber-attacks at application layer demand organisations to have strong application security assurance initiatives and programs. Our application security services help organisations perform capability maturity assessment, define, and deliver application security programme to develop various security capabilities including but not limited to

Threat Modelling

Security Non-functional requirements testing

Third Party Penetration testing support

Security training and awareness on application security standards           

Application Security services benefits organisations with reduced risks by ensuring secure software development and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as GDPR, PCI-DSS etc as these requirements are identified early in the Threat Modelling and security requirements incorporated into the solution.

We have helped various organisation define and run successful application  security assurance programs and to develop capabilities in this space.


DevSecOps service provides a built-in approach by integrating security early and into every phase of SDLC. Our unique approach of emphasis on enabling development teams with required training and resources and on-boarding of security champions into every development team helps to embrace security early and across the Programme.


Our DevSecOps services help organisations shift left and integrate and automate following security capabilities into the CI/CD pipelines.

Static Application Security Testing

Software Composition Analysis

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Interactive Application Security Testing

Runtime Application Self-Protection 

DevSecOps services benefits organisations with reduced costs by early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities in the applications and open-source libraries.

Identity and Access Management

Our IAM services help organisations perform capability maturity assessment, define, and deliver IAM programme to develop various identity and access management capabilities including but not limited to

            Identity Management

            Access Management

            Role based Access Controls

            Segregation of Duties

            Privileged Access Management

Cybersecurity Coaching

We strongly believe that while attaining a particular qualification in cybersecurity or a set of certifications will give a good starting point but for an individual to have a successful career and to make a big difference in this space, a Career Development Plan that aligns with an individual’s interest and that provides an insight of the career pathways plays a key role in shaping the careers.


We work with individuals at a personal level to help them identify their interests and to align them with their capabilities and core strengths to ensure they have a well-defined plan for their future and are confident and excited go and achieve it..

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